Our Story

We are a Michigan based marketing agency created to bridge the gap between Paid Acquisition, Remarketing, and Retention. No matter whether hundreds or thousands of customers are coming to your site every day, you need a plan to connect and retain these relationships with the contacts that are interested in your product or service. That’s where we come in.

We’ve run successful messaging campaigns for over 20 years specializing in Restaurants, Antiques, Retail, Online Stores (eCommerce) and Seasonal Businesses.

We specialize in Email, SMS + Messenger, maximizing the profitable power of converting visitors into purchasers.

Platforms We Work With

Brands We Work With

Our work is primarily confidential, however, we can share industries we’ve worked with:
💄 Cosmetics & Personal Care
👶 Baby & Children’s Products
👔 Men’s Wear
👗 Women’s Apparel
👩‍⚕️ Medical Services
🎓 Higher Education & K-12
👩‍🌾 Packaged Food Products
👨‍🍳 Restaurants & Hotels
👩‍🔧 Mechanics & Dealerships
👨‍🎤 Artists & Musicians
👰 Wedding Services
🤰 Prenatal Care
🏃‍♂️ 5K Fundraisers & Non-Profits
🧳 Travel Services
👓 Optical & Eyewear
🕶 Accessories
👟 Footwear
💍 Jewelry
🐕 Pet Care
🐄 Packaged Foods
🍇 Wineries
🍎 Orchards
☕ Coffee Houses
🚵  Bicycle Shops

We are certified by HubSpot for Email Marketing.
We’re certified!

Magic Potion Marketing becomes a part of your team focused on getting efficiency out of marketing and advertising budgets by combining an elite level of Email, SMS and Messenger expertise. Not only can we create a holistic messaging strategy, but we can also evaluate and update your website and social media messaging to help connect the dots for your new and returning customers.

As a Michigan based marketing agency, we’re happy to travel and meet you if you are in the mitten state, too. For those outside Michigan, we can work with you no matter your location thanks to video conferencing, screen sharing and additional online project management tools.

We are a Michigan based marketing agency.

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